Moderate Realism

Don't stop having fun because fate is a funny thing.

Wine and Wallop Mural – Didsbury

My very good friend Justin is opening a new bar in Didsbury that had a large wall going down the ginnel. I suggested creating a mural to go up there. He said yes. What I created was based around the size of red bricks and tartan. As you cannot see most of the wall from the street I thought it would be interesting to start the piece in a red brick colour then let the spectrum run down the wall. In the middle of the mural is the Moderate Twat Kissa logo. If you stand next to the bus stop you see it as a perfect circle but if your underneath the piece it is stretched out. I looked at the way advertisers create adverts on football pitches that look really strange when your in the ground but look perfect on TV, messing with the perspective.