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Step Up – Trailer

Moderate Realism’s pedal powered meeting room concept gets the plywood treatment.


Commissioned by Step Up Manchester for a government led scheme called the Place Based Giving Project. Jermyn from Moderate Realism was asked to produce a vehicle to start a conversation and promote new enterprise through the neighbourhoods of East Manchester.


Jermyn teamed up with fellow Islington Mill resident Stephen Taylor of Lamm Furniture to create a trailer light enough to be easily pulled by human power and stable enough to sit up to 3 people while stationary. The trailer is constructed using panels laminated from 3mm plywood and sheets of foam insulation.


It has been named the M-Wagon (Manchester Wagon).


COVID 19 has put the debut on hold for now, but Jermyn and the M-Wagon look forward to hitting the streets in the not too distant future…



Concept + Project Management


Moderate Realism



Design + Build

Stephen Taylor

Lamm Furniture




Step Up Manchester




Jody Hartley Photography