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I feel sorry for these people

“I feel sorry for these people because they can’t be honest with themselves.”

Eur a ‘lying mother******’: Super-sized Salford political vandalism gives UKIP’s Nigel Farage billboard bashing
07 May 2014 – 03:29PM | By Tim Hyde
A super-sized spot of political vandalism has seen a controversial UKIP poster defaced with the words ‘lying motherfucker’ over party leader Nigel Farage’s mouth.

The vandalised advertisement shows political leaders David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg bound by gags with the European Union (EU) logo on the front.

The stunt outside Salford Cathedral follows vandalised UKIP posters in Swansea ahead of the May 22 European elections.

UKIP North West MEP candidate Shneur Odze claimed that the right-wing party are being attacked in an immature manner and that ‘the establishment’ is scared of the party’s rise – and pointed the finger at Labour supporters for the incident.

He told MM: “It is one of the many silly things that people have been doing across the country.

“This epitomises far-left people or Labour people who can’t abide by democracy or freedom of speech.

“I don’t pay much attention to being called a racist. The countless amounts of Twitter and Facebook trolls who throw out abuse, I find it quite humorous to an extent.

“I feel sorry for these people because they can’t be honest with themselves.”

POLL POSITION: The controversial UKIP campaign has divided the political landscape

Farage has often been subject to the brunt of the abuse and his party’s policies on immigration have caused controversy.

“We are just standing up for ordinary people and for too long they have been abused by the establishment,” added Mr Odze.

“This is an earthquake that is happening for the first time in modern politics where a party is going to beat them in the polls.

“All bets are off – our vote is going to sky rocket. Whatever the result it will be a tremendous win for UKIP so much as a message to the establishment.”

One of the more contentious policies that UKIP have promised to introduce if they were to gain power would be the strangling of immigration.

The party also strongly believes that the UK should make a swift exit from the EU, which would enable them to avoid legislation produced on the continent as well as tightening laws on immigration.

Mr Odze said: “In all recent surveys people have voted immigration amongst the top two and we talk about immigration in a very measured and responsible way that papers such as the Mirror brand us as being racist.

“When the age-old row of racism was thrown at us, we went from about 16% of the poll to about 38% in the polls.

“What they are saying is that not I or Nigel Farage are racist but the people supporting us are racist – which has drawn up even more support.”

The MEP candidate also claimed that opposition politicians are afraid of a UK system that is a true democracy.

“Other parties don’t want to have the debate because they don’t like the answer,” added Mr Odze.

“We live in an open and transparent democracy and those parties can’t deal with that, you don’t have UKIP pulling down other parties’ posters.

“If we lock people away and shut them in a corner they then go to more extreme parties and that is what we don’t want – we want to have a healthy debate.

“I am not bothered by it, it is childish to be polite and I am being very kind to them.

“In all the years I have been campaigning, I have never had such a rich reaction.”

Research uncovered by Professor Jane Green from The University of Manchester shows that there has been a significant spike in UKIP voting figures.

Professor Green said: “Our data shows that more than half of people, 57% intending to vote for UKIP in the May 2014 European Parliament election also intend to vote for UKIP in the 2015 general election, whereas the proportion was half that number at 25% in 2009.

“These findings could have major implications on the UK’s political landscape in 2015 if they are born out in polling stations.”

UKIP, a relatively new party after forming in 1993, are expected to see a surge in votes this year following a campaign which has received significant media attention.

She added: “Those people who intend to vote UKIP in 2015 are mainly drawn from supporters of the major parties in the last Westminster General Election in 2010.

“Of those people intending to vote UKIP in 2015, 44% voted Conservative in 2010, 17% voted Liberal Democrat, 11% voted Labour and 11% didn’t vote. Only 9% voted UKIP.”

In many cases, UKIP politicians have been tarred with the same brush and are thought of by many voters as far-right racists.

“There are a number of reasons why UKIP are targeted because we are an equal opportunities party,” said Mr Odze.

“We don’t care for vested interest of any kind whether you are the United Nations or an EU dictatorship. We have no time for them or trust for them.”

With regards to leaving Europe, many parties, such as the 4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP), are opposed to the idea due to the economic risks and trade problems that it would cause.

Party Leader Dirk Hazell said: “We are living in tough times. Britain’s route to a better future is to lead, not leave Europe. We need to work together in order to ensure that we make Europe even better.

“People are targeting UKIP because their policies would be a catastrophe for this country. We must make sure we stay in the EU.

“It is very difficult to stop people vandalising their posters because obviously people feel passionate about opposing them.”