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Election Day Special Video

As part of the European Elections we decided to hit the streets with Dub Vampire to create a video in a day.  We started at the polling station in Levenshulme where I got the ballot paper and we shot the first gig in the car park out the back of the hearse.  From there we headed to the studio where we scanned, photoshopped then created a silk screen of the ballot paper.  100 ballot papers were printed off ready to hit the city, sharing our message and filming the Dub Vampire playing at various locations in Salford and Manchester.  Once all the filming was finished at 13:00 we went to the editing suite to get the footage chopped and organised.  10 hours after voting we have a completed video of the days actions.  Good work all round!  Many thanks to Jody Hartley Photography for the filming and editing skills.