Moderate Realism

Don't stop having fun because fate is a funny thing.

DesignMCR Exhibition

While I was away on tour I got asked to exhibit at the 10×10 exhibition for DesignMCR.  I was researching Chaos Theory while on the beach and tried to work out how I could put chaos into my design work.  I managed this by creating some patterns then really quickly deleting lines off the patterns to add that element of randomness.  I started reading about the philosophical term Qualia as part of the Chaos Theory and a line jumped out at me:


Qualia – Individual Instances of Subjective, Conscious Experience.


The exhibition was sponsored by GF Smith paper so I ordered in some lovely 270gsm stock.  The weekend after getting back I printed the work then got the line about Qualia laser cut out of acrylic mirror.

Thanks to Jody Hartley Photography for coming down and shooting the work.