Moderate Realism

Don't stop having fun because fate is a funny thing.


Daventry is where I lived for 9 years of my life, it is where I went to secondary school and the place I still have a lot of good friends.  To split the initial journey up from Manchester I thought I would stop over, catch up with friends and add some wallpaper to the town centre where there is no art, gallery or culture.  The building I choose used to be the Retro Bar.  I drank in here underage then didn’t drink here when I was old enough.  The bar has been closed for 10 years now so was the perfect place to cover.

A couple of days after installing the work, the local newspaper rang me up asking for an interview.  I got on the front page, something that my friends and I havn’t done since digging up the ninth hold of the local pitch and putt.  The wallpaper has not only brightened up the town it has also started the discussion of empty buildings in the town centre and things needing to be done about it.  Success!