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2020 - The day Martha left

Martha was a White Mercedes E-Class Hearse. She was with me for 7 years till she finally gave up the ghost.  The list of ailments added up which meant 2020 had to be her final year.  She is now resting in the Workroom Indiustries yard in Todmorden where Kev is looking at turning her into the festival wedding hearse with built in DJ booth, soundsystem and lights.


The list of issues includes the gaffer taped windscreen so it does not leak water in.  The seals around the hearse windows leak which let water in so a few years back I drilled holes through the floor.  The water did drain out slowly and Manchetser is wet you know.  The engine was making some really strange noises including a knocking.  The knocking did not go in time with the engine or wheels.  There was no heating for over a year so blankets were necessary.  The mileometer never worked so she only every did 125,000 miles.  One of the headlights filled up with water regulaly.  Various pieces of bodywork have fallen off over the years.

You can see why 2020 was Marthas last year on the road.  Another winter with no heating and the chance of breaking down at any moment is not a game I wanted to play.

See what Martha got up to the first year I had her 2013.